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Take control over your cell`s health, and relieve them of excessive stress with Carnosine extra

Sign up for cell stress level investigation on a unique space medicine device and find out your overall health status.

You can ensure the long term health quality by this, preventing serious ilnesses and reveal possible risks before the onset of the disease. 

Rely on effective prevention

motto of our company

We take care about you

Our Story

Medical Center Carnomed is a place, where you find answers to questions about your health. Every client is equally important for us and our priority is to supply
your needs regarding health, healthy eating and a full life. Our experts with a personal approach check the overall condition of your body using the devices InBody and KARDiVAR, give advise on healthy eating and recommend dietary supplements which can help to improve the quality of your life.

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The undemanding examination is carried on by the means of the unique device KARDiVAR. It can evaluate the functional state of control and regulatory systems ( neuro-immune-endocrinic system ) of your or your child’s body quickly and accurately. The following analysis of the heart rhythm variability assess the effectiveness of the management of your physiological functions in the body. The attending physician then can detect risks before the outbreak of the disease or even before the appearance of the first symptoms.

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Carnosine is the body’s own substance, which is the primary building block of the cell and which is able to regenerate the cell at the same time. It also takes care of the communication among the cells and thus ensures the automatic operation of our body. Each cell produces this substance as needed. Till about twenty-eighth year of life, the body manages to produce enough of carnosine. But then its level starts to fall, resulting in reduced cell regeneration.

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Taking a nutritional supplement Carnosine extra does not quarantee 100% efficiency and the results are individual. User experience show positive effects in the form of the stress reduction, significant improvement in behavioral disorders and the ability to concentrate, increase energy and overall body condition at any age.