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Carnosine Extra helps to boost mental and physical potential, improves performance, delays the onset of fatigue and slows the aging process. It is also suitable for athletes and managers, as well as for everyone who is exposed to increased physical and mental stress.


Excessive mental stress and intake of harmful substances can lead to increased blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, disorders of the digestive system, problems with concentration, logical reasoning and decision making, feelings of fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety and depression.

Today’s way of life and our eating habits also make us exposed to many harmful substances, including the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food and supplements we eat, as well as medicines, cosmetics, etc... A normal metabolism also produces pollutants. Our body knows how to get rid of their own toxins, but sometimes, the toxic balast becomes too demanding (especially as we get older and by receiving higher doses of different supplements). Our own detoxification process of the body is not sufficient enough and harmful substances will start to accumulate in the body.

This ballast may be responsible for several adverse symptoms responsible for the weakening of the immune system and in turn makes us vulnerable to chronic degenerative diseases. Toxic ballast also affects the digestive system, absorption of important nutrients and weight (poor liver function affects the metabolism and weight adjustment). Many acute and chronic health problems rise from the accumulation of toxins in the tissues. The cells then do not get enough nutrients and they suffocate. Another negative element is permanent stress, which increases the toxic ballast. Researches have shown that the high levels of stress hormones (eg. adrenaline and cortisol) may change the beneficial detoxification processes into harmful ones thereby further encouraging the multiplication of toxins.

Muscle and joint pain is not caused only by strenuous exercise. Sitting by a desk, a computer or a steering wheel for long periods can cause permanent muscle strain in the neck, compressing blood vessels and resulting in a lack of oxygen to the muscles. The lactic acid content increases and it causes fatigue, stiffness, pain.

The use of Carnosine Extra has a positive contribution to all of these difficulties.

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  • protecting the nerve cells against free radicals – sustaining a clear mind
  • increasing the blood flow to the brain, improving the ability of logical thinking and memory
  • support in regulating blood pressure and a beneficial effect in cardiovascular diseases
  • improvement of the digestive system activity and neutralization of toxic substances
  • eliminating the stiffness and pain in muscles and joints caused by a sedentary occupation
  • significant contribution to the proper functioning of the autonomic nervous system