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Carnosine is a versatile neuroprotectant (a substance protecting nerve cells). It prevents the destructive action of oxidized chemicals, such as malondialdehyde (MDA), that are associated with brain cell death, causing neurodegenerative disorders.


Hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, dysortografia.

Nowadays, we are increasingly faced with these expressions that are related mainly to education, child psychologists, special education teachers and of course the parents who have a child suffering from such a disorder.

Problems experienced include:  reading, writing, counting, a lack of organizational and language skills. They occur in combination rather than in isolation.

A lot of parents realize these problems after they are pointed out by teachers who advise an examination of a child in educational and psychological counseling. The sooner the child undergoes these tests and the sooner the parents understand and realize the biological nature of the mentioned signs of the child, the greater chance for correction. All these symptoms point to disorders rising from the weakened nervous system, e.g. by free radicals.

Carnosine, as an important antioxidant and neuropeptide, stabilizes and protects cell membranes from all reactive oxygen species, it prevents the development of oxidative stress and stops the deformation of proteins. It is specific as it is active even if free radicals are able to get into the tissue. They then form dangerous compounds, such as lipid peroxides and secondary products, which Carnosine, unlike other antioxidants, is able to dispose of.

Several studies indicate that metals such as copper, iron, cadmium, mercury and lead participate in the formation of free radicals, which can lead to DNA damage, lipid peroxidation, reduced availability of proteins with thiol groups and others. Carnosine Extra protects against the toxic effects of heavy metals, it is able to chelate – phase out these metals from the body.

The quality of our attention span, not only in children, depends on the coordination of many parts of the brain. This is why attention is easily vulnerable and susceptible to all sorts of stress effects - noises from the outside, fatigue, illness (allergies and permanent medication).

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  • universal and versatile antioxidant activity
  • protection against the toxic effects of heavy metals - the ability to chelate (break down) heavy metals from the body
  • improvement in the ability of logical thinking, memory and spatial perception
  • positive impact on the elimination of hyperactivity, impulsivity and learning disorders
  • improvement of the response time and the overall accuracy and speed of data processing in the brain
  • multifunctional protection of proteins and phospholipids and preventing (in a natural way) the process of glycation