The story of the Genčík family and formation of CarnoMed Ltd.

“I asked Ilja whether he wanted some mush and he replied yes. I almost fell off my feet because I did not expect it at all. Until then, he had not spoken a word and if he at times tried to express himself, it was mostly a hardly definable sound. Suddenly it was a meaningful consent”, Manon Genčíková (37) from Bratislava describes a surprising moment which occurred shortly after her son began to take carnosine pills. Ilja was almost five years old at that time. Since birth he had suffered from hypotonia which weakened his muscles meaning he could neither stand up nor speak.

“He wasn't even concerned about people around him and he prefered to play alone. However, flashing lights in commercials and spinning wheels could hold his attention. Doctors had suspected autism”, says Ms. Manon about her only son.

Like many others, she looked for help in addition to doctors’, in books and on the Internet, listening to different recommendations, but she just ignored most of them. “I did not want to bother him with a hunger strike or feed him with preparations which I had no idea where they came from”. This is what was advised to her as the treatment of autism. A friend who was examined by the Czech doctor Michael Kučera told her about Carnosine.

“He was supposed to detect the condition of cells using a special device and then set their correct state using Carnosine. I hesitated whether to try this approach, but then I found out who Dr. Kučera was and what he did and I realized that he was exceedly well qualified. But I confess, that when going to him with Ilja, I was prudent”, she does not hide a certain amount of skepticism. The diagnostics of Ilja’s state, using a special computer program, brought an encouraging surprise.

“Do you know you have a typical level of autistism?” Dr. Kučera asked the mother who was astonished by his correct judgment after the review of some charts. “I have not told him anything about Ilja’s possible autism. I rather thought that carnosine could help his hypotonia.”

“At his first examination, over a year ago, Ilja’s value of stress was about seven hundred. Now it’s seventy-five.”

“Since the first few days when we began to give Ilja Carnosine, we have not seen steps but leaps in his progress. Before, he used to be without energy and so tired in the afternoon that he fell asleep. After taking Carnosine he did not need to sleep, he hasn’t slept in the afternoon until now and he is much livelier. After a few weeks, he stood up by himself and I, being in awe, did not know how to react. Until then he could not do more than kneeling. Suddenly his social behavior changed, he does not want to be alone and he even asks us to be with him and play with him. And when he said mom for the first time, I told myself that even if there are no further improvements, that experience was worth it.“

CarnoMed, Ltd.

Medical Center CarnoMed, Ltd. is a place, where you find answers to questions about your health. Every client is equally important for us and our priority is to supply your needs regarding health, healthy eating and a full life. Our experts, working with your results from our KARDiVAR or InBody technology, are able to proivide you with advice on healthy eating and recommended dietary supplements which can help to improve the quality of your life.

The human body is formed by cells and the condition of the body is closely related to healthy cells. Today’s hectic times bring a lot of stimuli, and stress, added together with poor diet can significantly affect the status and the functioning of cells, leading to health complications and civilization diseases.

At CarnoMed, we provide you with information about the health of your cells and opportunities to enhance the functionality of the control systems of your body.