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In our outpatient clinic we will examine you using our latest technology - VARIKARD and tell you exactly what state your cells are in.

An examination using our latest technology will replace the need for numerous laboratory and external tests.

Examination of heart rate variability

The actual examination is carried out quickly and easily. Our VARICARD technology has four scanning pegs that are gently connected to your body so your only job is to sit still for five minutes.

The resulting data shows a doctor the status of the control and regulation of the internal environment of the body, the level of stress and how well the organism adapts to stress.

The actual examination receives the evaluating information directly from the cells rather than from parts or systems within the body. VARICARD can check the status of your cells, their current condition, and thus determine exactly what is not working in your body.

Part of your examination includes a consultation with a doctor who will recommend how to improve your body's energy balance for now and in the long-term to ensure that you or your child can adequately fight illnesses and diseases. The Carnomed team will not only help you to deal with particular symptoms, but also focus on the root causes of the problem. After the VARICARD examination we will recommend to you further steps on the path to better health.

Prevention is just as, if not more important, as solving the existing problems and Carnomed can help in the prevention of serious diseases. VARICARD can indeed determine the overall state of your organism and thus detect risks before the outbreak of the disease or even before the appearance of the first symptoms.


Diagnosis of the autonomic nervous system

The complex function of the human body is regulated and controlled by the central nervous system (CNS), which is functionally superior to any organ of the body. It processes and evaluates information from the external and internal environment and based on this information it prepares responses and give instructions to the competent organs.

One part of the nervous system can be controlled knowingly (eg. the movement of limbs, respiration, blinking, chewing, emptying ...). The second part is not under the control of consciousness. Thus, it is not controlled by the will. It is this part that is called the autonomic nervous system (ANS) which affects the functions of internal organs and ensures their stability.

ANS is formed of two main components: the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Both systems control most of the internal organs using opposing mechanisms. While one is figuratively called the nerve of life, the other is called the nerve of peace.

Sympathetic - activates the body for exercise, sets the readiness and prepares to attack, escape or an extraordinary effort. In these moments it can block non-essential activities within the organism (e.g. digestion in times of stress).

Parasympathetic - cares about peace, conservation, and recreation. It inhibits the general functions of organs, controls regeneration and the creation of reserves, resulting in the strengthening of the body. Parasympathetic activity induces a state of relaxation and peace (e.g. after food intake).

Thanks to the contradictory effects of these neural systems, the fine control within the activity of organs is possible. Balance of activities of both systems means real energy savings for the body. On this basis, the body can operate more accurately, more efficiently and can cope with physical or psychological stress better. The ability to adapt to unforeseen situations is at the highest level in the case of an optimal balance in sympathetic and parasympathetic.

Standard medicine divides people into two groups - the healthy and the sick on the basis of whether or not they have symptoms. Although it attributes a great importance to the prevention of diseases, in practice it usually solves already developed health problems. Because we are aware of the fact that the border between a healthy and a sick person is very fragile, it is necessary that even healthy people deal with the risks which can affect the functioning of their control systems negatively and are given the opportunity to know their real capacity of the management system (neural, hormonal and immune), and thereby prevent the occurrence of diseases. Only with the mutual communication and the interaction of this complex system, the proper functioning of the whole organism is possible. When the cooperation and the communication of the systems fail, it is only a matter of time when this fact is reflected in the form of a severe disease.

CarnoMed Company Ltd., uses a variety of devices that in a unique way, can express in numbers, communication dynamics of the body's control systems and their possible functional reserves, or, conversely, their exhaustion.

Using diagnostics we can achieve:

  • the actual naming of a problem in the management of the body, but not the diagnostics of a particular disease,

  • identification of the risks leading to the development of health problems already in the initial phase, or even before their appearance,

  • assessing the effectiveness of a treatment in an already developed disease, regardless of whether they are under medication treatment, lifestyle changes (e.g. regular rest, nutrition, diets, sports,...),the use of food and nutritional supplements, or anything else the client wishes.

From our clinic Doc. MUDr. Igo Kajaba, PhD also provides nutritional counseling.


Before the examination

You must:

  • not consume any food for at least 2 hours
  • not drink coffee for at least 2 hours,
  • not smoke for a minimum of 1 hour,
  • not do any exercise
  • remain in idle mode in the pleasant surroundings of our waiting room for at least 15 minutes.

The 30-minute examination is divided into a part for data measurement, which shall not exceed 10 minutes, and a section devoted to consultation and advice.

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