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Carnosine is without doubt the most promising multifunctional discovery of recent years in the fight against aging, affecting the longevity of our body as a whole, as well as at the cellular level. The research shows that it helps to maintain the structural, functional and genetic integrity of the body - naturally and without toxicity.


Around the age of 25 we can start to notice the first visible signs of aging on the skin's surface. The most obvious are the fine lines and wrinkles, the loss of volume and the loss of density that result from reducing the amount of natural substances (providing the skin firm and youthful appearance) and the weakening of the internal structure. These changes are reflected externally in its texture and appearance.

CarnoMed comes with a revolutionary solution in the fight against wrinkles and other signs of aging in the form of product Carnosine EXTRA, which has shown incredible rejuvenating effects.

Because of its unique and versatile features, Carnosine has become a subject of research for many scientists around the world and currently, the information about it can be found in over 1,700 scientific expert studies that have been devoted to it. Recent studies show that after some time (about six months to one year) the patients taking carnosine quite objectively look younger than they looked before the use. This supports the findings done in "in vitro" experimental studies and experimental work confirming that Carnosine is capable of rejuvenating older cells in culture, as well as the attempts "in vivo" conducted in experimental animals, where Carnosine suppressed the visible signs of aging.

Carnosine may therefore be quite rightly called a substance of longevity. When such a substance is, in additon, safe and naturally occurring in the human organism and in our diet whilst demonstrating life extension in animals and in cultured human cells, it becomes the basic substance of a life extension program.

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  • the ability to reverse the signs of aging in the skin cells whilst prolonging their lives
  • the highest antioxidant protection - neutralizing of the negative effects from environmental pollution
  • the strongest antiglycation means - protection against the destructive effect of sugars and aldehydes (they cause the formation of deep wrinkles, the thinning of the skin and age spots)
  • protection of the skin cells from UV radiation, especially in people with sensitive skin
  • It stimulates collagen synthesis – the renewal of the collagen and elastane parts of the cell at the molecular level
  • increasing the strength of hair and nails and improving their durability and appearance