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In recent years, Carnosine has become an essential ingredient of the life extension program that is able to renew the function of cells, thus slowing the aging process and keeping your body in a good mental and physical condition.


Aging is a specific, irreversible and unrepeatable biological process. This is reflected at the biological, psychological and social level. The quality of aging is largely influenced by health. Age-related changes in health status affect all systems in the body.

The role of Carnosine has been studied in various diseases associated with aging.

Since Carnosine improves the blood flow to many organs, it is believed that it has an important role in supplying muscles with sufficient amounts of oxygen and other nutrients. Better "nutrition" results in delaying the onset of muscle weakness, stiffness and atrophy, it also improves the neurotransmission (as it also acts as a neurotransmitter), which finally leads to the delay of pathologies that accompany muscle diseases.

However, perhaps the most discussed is a positive impact of carnosine in connection with Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Alzheimer's disease is the most common and the most feared neurodegenerative disease. Researchers have found that patients with this disease have lower levels of Carnosine in the brain and cerebrospinal fluid compared to other adults in the same age. An important role of carnosine in the prevention of this disease is that it prevents the destructive action of oxidized chemical substances, such as malondialdehyde (MDA), which cause cell death in the brain and gives rise to neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

Alzheimer's disease is the result of various causes, which almost all have some connection with the function of carnosine in the brain. Carnosine simply stops the process of deformation of proteins and helps to slow down the process of Alzheimer's disease and other types of dementia, as well as mild cognitive impairments.

Experts now agree that Parkinson's disease is caused by oxidative stress induced by free radicals that attack the brain. Carnosine is a physiological and 100% natural super antioxidant that protects brain cells from damage.

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  • beneficial effects on cardiovascular diseases and increasing the contractile force of the heart muscle
  • reducing the levels of leptin, which are several times higher in obese people
  • protective and regenerative effects of supportive treatment for joint and muscle disorders
  • prevention and neutralization of free radicals
  • an important role in supplying muscles with sufficient amounts of oxygen and other nutrients
  • slowing down Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease
  • reducing the risk of developing diabetic complications