Nutritional Advice

Our clinic also provides nutritional counseling under the auspices of Doc. MUDr. Igo Kajaba, PhD. InBody, measures and evaluates the key parameters of your body's composition including the ratio of muscle, fat, the amount of water in the body and its distribution. We cann then specifically advise on weight reduction, improving fitness, health and appearance.


InBody measures and evaluates the composition of your body:

  • the layout of muscle and fat, the efficiency of your metabolism, the amount of water,
  • the amount of intracellular and extracellular water,
  • the bound mineral content and unbound minerals in the bones,
  • the rate of obesity and the resulting potential health risks,
  • visceral body fat, which is stored in the space among the organs, ie in places where they do not naturally occur
  • muscle imbalance or imbalance in the body that can be caused, for example, by improper loading of only one half of the body. This could originate from work or sporting activities.


The data obtained can help:

  • to reveal some health problems, related to kidney or liver disease or low albumin (blood protein),
  • in the diagnosis of osteoporosis,
  • in the prevention of metabolic diseases, leading to the formation of the metabolic syndrome,
  • to select appropriate physical activities (weight training to build muscle mass, strengthening exercises for better balance of the body or aerobic activities resulting in a reduction of fat),
  • to determine a recommended daily calorie intake and the weight loss expected in a month,
  • to find out what, in addition to diet, is the cause your weight gain or other health problems.

Nutrition is the set of biochemical processes, through which we receive external organic and inorganic substances necessary for life.

A healthy diet is one that keeps the body in balance. To prevent chronic diseases, such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes or cancer, it is necessary that the food contains a balanced amount of nutrients.


Special nutrition is needed for example, when various diseases occur and it is necessary to increase the effects of treatment.

Targeted nutrition is an important preventive and therapeutic factor.

Irregular, spasmodic or overnight eating, too many blanks and confectionery products lead to the pollution of the bowel, frequent fatigue and a weakened immune system.

Many skin and lifestyle diseases originate from an unbalanced diet.

How can, by following a suitably chosen diet, affect your physical and mental condition and improve your quality of life?

Any change in diet should be thought out and systematic. Nutritional counseling is becoming a part of our lives.



In our outpatient clinic we will also examine you with KARDiVAR and tell you exactly where the cells of your organism are located.


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Before the examination

You must:

  • not consume food for at least 2.5 hours before
  • not visit the toilet just before the measurements
  • not smoke for at least 1 hour before
  • put aside all jewelry and watches
  • Remain effortless in our waiting room for a 15 minutes.

The 30-minute examination is divided into a part for data measurement, which shall not exceed 10 minutes, and a section devoted to consultation and advice.

We cannot record your data during the menstrual cycle, if you are pregnant or have a pacemaker.

Price list

  • Entry examination basic 15, - €
  • Entry examination with 30 €
  • Control examination basic € 10.00
  • Control examination with consultation 30 min. € 30
  • Control examination with consultation 60 min. € 50