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CarnoMed draws on the expertise of many professionals, such as from Dr. Michael G. Chez, who in 2001 administered Carnosine to a group of autistic children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

The results showed a positive effect of Carnosine and no undesirable side effects were noted.


Mitochondrial medicine addresses the possibilities that affect the effectiveness of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and restore its reduced or lost regulatory capabilities.

The proper functioning of ANS by enhancing the mitochondrial apparatus by Carnosine leads, in many cases, to improving health.

To determine the current status of ANS, we use the KARDiVAR. The device works on the principle of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis, which is directly controlled by various ANS centers. The results of heart rate variability analysis are generally accepted. Specifically in children with autism spectrum disorders (PAS), disruption of ANS occurs and leads to problems with the adaptive ability to cope with stress and stress in their surroundings. Children have problems with communication, socialization, motor skills and so on. Living in our world represents a huge permanent burden and stress for them.

One of the parameters in this analysis is to calculate the so-called stress index. The normal values ​​are in the range of 50 to 70 units in children, and to 150 units in adults. Children with autism have attain values usually around 700 to 800 units, or even more, which is a value that corresponds to an adult state of extreme fatigue resulting from stress.

A milestone breakthrough in the research of Carnosine and its potential effects in relation to autism was the study in 2002, in which Dr. Michael G. Chez, with his team in the US state of Illinois, focused on the use of Carnosine by children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The results showed that in those, receiving Carnosine, it led to improvements in socialization, behavior, communication and speech understanding. During the study no side effects of Carnosine were recorded.

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  • improvement of communication and imitation, retreat of repetitive behavior
  • reduction of aggression, hyperactivity and frequency of attacks
  • improvement of fine and gross motor skills, increase of activity and interest
  • improvement in behavioral and social contacts as well as in general health
  • positive impact on understanding and speech production
  • improvement of spatial perception, and the speed and accuracy of data processing in the brain