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Carnosine is an important muscle bumper (buffer), which helps to increase the pH and thereby decrease the amount of lactic acid in the muscles, and so allows you to train longer, stronger and perform better.

Every athlete wanting to optimise the results of their training programs turn to food supplements, which are freely available in large numbers. Regardless of the quality of these supplements, you fail to achieve the expected results unless you first ensure the basic pillars of optimal functioning of your cells, especially the mitochondria, which are the cells' power units.

In sports and muscle mass building, carnosine is involved in the detoxification process of removing harmful reactive aldehydes arising from the lipid peroxidation in skeletal muscles during a physical performance and endurance, and free radicals which are formed by oxidation and processing of excess dietary supplements. Carnosine thereby protects muscles from damage, increases muscle strength and endurance and significantly accelerates the process of recovery after a hard workout.

From 20 to 70 years of age, the muscle mass of the body is reduced by 20%, as well as the muscle strength and endurance, so that the overall reduction in muscular efficiency is above 20% and closer to 40%. The concentration of Carnosine and its antioxidant effect fall to about half values in that time. Adding Carnosine leads to an increase in its concentration in the muscles and thereby to muscle restoration and increase in strength, hardness, endurance and speeding up the regeneration.

The Russian scientist Severin , as early as the 1950's, demonstrated that the adding of Carnosine to a fluid with incubated isolated exhausted muscles, caused the nearly immediate recovery of full muscular energy.

Carnosine Extra is a 100% natural, non-toxic product that contains no substances considered as doping. It is recommended for long-term use to maintain vitality, regeneration and good physical and mental well-being, or for a specific purpose such as enhancing training and race performances.

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  • neutralization of the lactic acid in muscles, thus delaying the onset of fatigue
  • increasing of the contractility, strength and endurance of muscles
  • increasing of the strength and endurance of the heart muscle by 30%
  • acceleration of the muscle response to stimuli from the brain - faster and better coordination of movements
  • reduction of the oxidative stress caused by increased physical exertion - speeding up the recovery process
  • stimulation of the collagen synthesis – increasing the mobility and flexibility of the joint apparatus
  • removing the waste products of metabolism after a hard workout